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Our Many Generations  

  Nelson       Thompson    Nøttestad    Loomis - Whiting   Visenio







Migration Histories

Nelson        Thompson

Loomis   Whiting    Wilson  Bailey


Whiting -


Descendants of Gravener Bailey

  Descendants of Nathan Whiting  

Whiting Pine Grove Cemetery & Obits

Whiting - Loomis Photographs

Anson - Wilson Photographs

Remembrances of Whitings

William Mackey Loomis & Ella May Shepard

 ( As remembered by Charles Anson)

Remberances of  Wilsons

Remembrances of Dewey Loomis  and Loomis Landing

  ( As remembered by Charles Anson) (As Remembered by Clarence Gillispie)

Dewey Loomis & Gertrude Marlin


Dewey Loomis' Scrapbook

Loomis Landing

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Nelson -



Nils Jonasson       Maria Nilsdotter


Thompson Photographs

Aunt Caroline Thompson's 90th birthday

Albert Nilsson & Amelia Nøttestad-Anderson

Descendants of Albert Nilson

Arnold Rafael Nelson Ruth Thompson

Anderson / Nøttestad Family information


Listen to Sermons and Hymns recorded by Arnold Nelson Sermon for Grandville Church  - Click Here-

   Nøttestad Farm Map and History

   Norway Maps and Tips

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Trinity Lutheran Church, New Era Michigan. Pastor Arnold R. Nelson was pastor at this church for many years. Now this is he and his wife Ruth Thompson's final resting place. (photos by Jill Nelson)

     Bob         Dave        Jim        Paul     Dan

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My Family

James A. Nelson - Sheryl Lynn Whiting

Rebecca (Nelson) Christians and Scott Nelson

Check out My Genealogy Portal. This is an interesting site as well because it shows you "this date in history"  info on our relatives as well as many other features.


(as with this site I need to update a few things. )

Please feel free to contact me I am especially hoping to connect with any cousins in Norway or Sweden


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Behold the work of the old..
Let your heritage not be lost.
But bequeath it as a memory,
treasure and blessing...
Gather the lost and the hidden,
And preserve it for thy children.
Christian Metz 1846


I am desperately needing any family photographs new and old to personalize our families so PLEASE scan some and email them to me!!!!!! (If you cannot get them scanned send them to me with a self addressed stamped envelope and I will scan them and return them to you)   

This basic site is just a starting point and I add new information every day so come back often!!  I will be breaking the families up in groups with history of our families migration to America and stories of where and how they lived in the old country.  I have much data compiled on England Norway and Sweden and various parts of America which will go in to the history of all individuals of our family that have come before us. Farmers to shoe makers, captains to generals, inventors to cowboys.  If you would like to be on the mailing list when updates are made to our family site send me an email!  If you see information is lacking in your branch of the family then I probably need information from you about your spouses children etc.

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Scott Allen Nelson                                            
California  USA

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