Nøttestad Family  History

Ottestad is in Stange Prestegjeld.  Stange is just south of Hamar, Norway, which is on Lake Mjosa. The farms which Anders and Agnette lived are just to the west of Ottestad proper.

Nøttestad Søndre

(the farm where Anders Evensen Nøttestad was born)

In the 1865 Census Anders Evensen ( 1841-?) is living on the farm Gulkunderud with his parents: father Even Christoffersen (1803-?) and mother Mari  Gulbransdatter (1801-?) All of them were born in Stange Prgj. Ottestad Norway.

Anders Evensen born March 3, baptized May 16, 1841. Søndre Nøttestadeie.
Parents: Even Christophersen, (
Christoffersen), cotter , and Mari Gulbrandsdatter. Microfilm NH9,page 52, #57. (cotter means he lived in a cottage on the property and worked a small part of the farm in exchange for rent) (Nøttestad"eie" means a small place on the Nøttestad farm)

Agnette  Engebretsd was 25 years old in 1865 living on the Gulkunderud farm adjacent to where Even Evensen was living. She was a "Tjenestepige" which means "Servant Girl".  No family members of hers are living on this farm that I know of.

Gulkunderud farms

Anders Evensen and Agnette Engebretsdr were married on April 30th 1867 in Ottestad, Hedmark, Norway. They may have moved to Nøttestad where Anders was born some time after they were married at Atlungstad though it appears through church records that would have moved from Gulkunderud to Atlungstad and where living there less then a year before they were married.

Anders and Agnette had three children: 

Even Andersen Nøttestad born in Norway on July 07, 1867--January 07, 1940 Died New Hampshire, 

Amelia Andersen  Nøttestad    Born in Norway in 1874--1958 Died New Hampshire (My Great Grandmother), 

Marius Alexander Nottestad Born in Norway 1878    Died New Hampshire, 

They packed up and sailed to America in 1887 to settle in Berlin, New Hampshire. They ran a boarding house there on Norway street for all the new immigrants coming from Norway to work in the lumber mills.


In Anders Nottestad's marriage record Ottestad church book 1862-1879 microfilm#N.H.11 page 122 # 4 it says that Anders was from Nøttestadeie, but lived on Atlungstad. age 26.  It also says that Agnette was living on Atlungstad when married, age 26 and may have been from Nordstadeie.